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Utah has worst drivers

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This spring we visited Salt Lake City. I must admit that I am fearful of traveling the roads of Utah, especially around Salt Lake City. I am a retired Marine Corps officer with two tours in Vietnam. I felt safer hunting the enemy in the jungles than I do on Utah roads. I take alternate routes whenever I can. I have never witnessed such blatant disregard for the rules of the road, such reckless and discourteous behavior. My daughter was purposely forced off the road by a 16-wheel semitrailer truck, making threatening gestures to her.

I have traveled every state in the West, and Utah has the worst drivers, with Los Angeles a close second. This spring, as usual, we did not see a single Highway Patrol on the road. My daughter tells me of the carnage on the roads near Orem. You need to take effective action to stop this disgrace.

Randy J. Collins

Silverdale, Wash.