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This week in Church history

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175 years ago

Brigham Young was baptized April 14, 1832, by Eleazer Miller while living in Mendon, N.Y. He was confirmed at the water's edge, and a short time later that day was ordained an elder.

Brigham Young moved to Mendon in 1829.

A Comprehensive History of the Church by B.H. Roberts states: "A year later he saw for the first time the Book of Mormon, a copy that was left at the home of his brother, Phineas Young, by Samuel H. Smith, brother of the Prophet."

Missionaries visited the Mendon area in 1831, and Brigham Young believed their testimony. With his brother, Phineas, and Heber C. Kimball, he visited a branch of the Church in Columbia, Pa., where their faith was strengthened, according to Roberts' history. Then he traveled to Canada to visit his brother, Joseph, who was a Methodist preacher.

The history states: "On meeting his brother, Brigham related what he had learned of the New Dispensation, and Joseph rejoiced at hearing the glad tidings. Together, they returned to Mendon, where they arrived in March, 1831."

Joseph was baptized April 6.

That summer, "Brigham preached in Mendon and vicinity and assisted in raising up several branches of the church," according to the Roberts' history (1:288).