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Helping an addict recover

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Todd Olson, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in sexual addiction, lists several recommendations that can help those suffering from a sexual addiction recover:

Surrender. Stop the fight. "You can't control your addiction. If you could, you would have by now."

Develop a network of support. "Tell someone you trust. . . . Addicts generally isolate and will not want to do this step, but it is the single most important part of recovery."

Self-disclosure. "Start telling your story with someone who is trustworthy, let people know who you are." An understanding and compassionate priesthood leader, therapist, or a therapy group is a good place to start.

Learn about the type of family system you came from — "not to place blame, but to find patterns that need to be stopped."

Affirmations. "Learn that positive self-talk is very important. You have developed a negative thought pattern that needs to be replaced with positive thoughts that reflect your true divine nature."

Self-care. "Learn to take better care of yourself. Addicts and partners both seem to have forgotten this essential ingredient to good health. Hobbies and leisure time are neglected and almost nonexistent."

Spirituality. "Facing the fear that recovery forces you to encounter is very difficult without spiritual grounding."

One day at a time. "Focusing one day at a time instead of the rest of your life or even the next 30 days will have a gigantic impact on recovery."