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Don’t blame the convention

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I left a family activity in St. George last weekend to stop by the Republican convention there. I disagree wholeheartedly with Bob Routsong's assessment that the GOP session is too controlled (Readers' Forum, April 24).

As the vice chairman of the Salt Lake County Republican Party, I am familiar with the nuances of conventions (ours is May 5). Mr. Routsong and every other delegate had the right to bring any germane business they wished before the assembly. It could have been noticed in the Call-to-Convention, which is easy to do and gives the members more time to consider it, or brought up on the floor at the last minute, which is more difficult. Mr. Routsong made his motion on the floor, it was discussed, and then voted down.

Frequently the manner in which you present a motion and network with supporters to shop it around ahead of time determines its success. Blaming the convention for his motion's failure seems a little unfair and is probably not going to endear him to future delegates.

Dana Dickson

Vice chairman

Salt Lake County GOP