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Hints from Heloise: Easy way to check out books

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Dear Heloise: I love your column, and I have a great hint for your readers. Whenever I visit the library, I can't seem to remember all the fascinating books and authors I've been meaning to read.

Our library system has a Web site with a catalog search option. I search for books online right after I've read an interesting book review in a magazine and place them on reserve.

The library then sends an e-mail notice when the books are ready for pickup, and I'm always delighted with my "personalized" selections! — Jenny Corsey from Marietta, Ga.

Aren't libraries wonderful? They offer a wealth of information, and it's not just books — CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and more are available for everyone to use. Most libraries have computers that patrons can use as well. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: I think I have an original for you! I wore a pair of shoes to work today that burned the balls of my feet with the trouser socks I was wearing. I forgot to insert a pair of insoles. So, I cut an old, clean, extra computer mouse pad that I had in my desk into the shape of insoles, and voila! — it worked. They are rubber on the bottom, so they don't slip, and just thick enough that they gave me instant comfort. — Lisa Marquis from Springfield, Ill.

Dear Heloise: Recently, I read in your column how to fluff pillows in the dryer using tennis shoes. I tried it, and it works just great! However, do not use tennis shoes with black soles, because they can stain the dryer drum. — Fanny Geiger, Vancouver, Wash.

Dear Heloise:When hanging shirts or pants out on a clothesline to dry, I put them on thick plastic hangers. They dry already on their hangers and in the shape they'll be worn. For the shirts, I button the collar, the top button and one of the lower ones. This way, they won't blow off the hanger. For thicker jeans-type pants, I flip them over halfway through the drying to ensure even dryness. Once dry, it is easy to grab the hangers and go straight to the closet. — Cliff, Austin, Texas

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