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‘Lucky Stiff’ raising funds for animals

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OREM — Apparently, being dead doesn't interfere with serious fund-raising.

In fact, at Hale Center Theater in Orem, the man playing dead in the current production has collected major money by simply sitting still, cup in hand.

Eldon B. Randall plays the part of the body in "Lucky Stiff," a musical comedy that centers on a rich uncle's request that his heir take him on the trip of a lifetime — even though he's dead.

If the request isn't met; $6 million in inheritance money literally goes to the dogs — or at least to a shelter for them.

After the first performance, as Randall sat motionless in his chair in the cast lineup, people started to put coins and dollar bills into his cup and they haven't stopped.

"It is such a funny story," said Anne Swenson, one of the theater's owners. "We roll the body out with a cup in his hand and people just go down and put in money. We have raised about $100 a night."

Swenson said the money will go to a local charity that cares for animals, but she isn't certain as to which one.

"Two weeks ago, we counted $380 for "Save the dogs," she said. "We probably have well over $500 by now."

Swenson said it might be that the pictures of dogs and cast members' pets on dollar bills used in the show are prompting people to try to reach out to animals.

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