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Orem man arrested in road-rage incident

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PROVO — An Orem man was booked into the Utah County Jail, accused of trying to use his car to run over several people.

Saturday night before 9 p.m. a 21-year-old man angry at being cut off at 800 N. State in Orem began to honk and follow a sedan, according to a police report.

Then, one of the people riding in the sedan tossed a drink onto the man's car.

At the next intersection, people in the two cars exchanged verbal threats and threatening hand signals, according to the report.

The two cars ended up at 400 S. Vineyard, where both stopped. The individuals in the sedan got out and one of the men pulled an item out of the trunk.

The 21-year-old remained in his car and steered it toward the other men, who had to jump onto the sidewalk to keep from being run over, according to the police report.

The group got back in the sedan. The lone man then rammed the back of their car. The men got out again, broke the man's windows and hit him in the face with a metal object, according to the report.

Police arrived shortly after 9 p.m. and, after taking the lone man to the hospital, took him to the Utah County Jail for investigation of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.