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Voucher bill misunderstood

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Opponents to the voucher bill continue to misreport the real facts of school choice. I continue to read how we want "the people" to vote on this issue but continue to offer partial reporting on the facts. I'd be perfectly happy with people voting on this if I knew they were aware of these four things that are rarely reported:

Utah will spend $3.5 billion on public education next year, and this represents $7,500 per student.

The $9 million allocated for the voucher bill out of the general fund (not the education fund) represents part of 1 percent of what we will spend on public education.

Low-income children who qualify for the reduced lunch program in public schools will benefit most from this voucher.

Parents are being asked to opt out of public schools and forgo $7,500 in funding to take a $3,000 voucher.

What's not to like?

James Worsencroft