According to a survey by the National Confectioners Association, 42 percent of respondents say they go for the solid chocolate bunnies first. Those are followed by hollow chocolate bunnies (favored by 21 percent), marshmallow bunnies (10 percent) and other Easter candy (9 percent).

76 percent eat ears first

4 percent eat tail first

5 percent start with the feet

Americans prefer chocolate and candy Easter bunnies over real bunnies by a margin of 20 to 1 — mainly because chocolate bunnies do not require feeding or cleanup, are always sweet in nature, don't require bathing or need their toenails clipped.

90 million chocolate bunnies are made in the United States for Easter each year.

Other popular Easter candies include marshmallow treats, malted-milk balls/eggs and jelly beans.

The world's largest jar of jelly beans weighed 6,050 pounds

Some 16 billion jelly beans are made for Easter each year — enough to fill an 89-foot-high and 60-foot-wide plastic Easter egg.

Jelly beans even have their own day: April 22.

Source: National Confectioners Association