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Windows of heaven

One’s love for the Lord increases by paying tithing

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Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi of the Seventy taught the blessings of paying a full tithe by sharing the experience of a faithful stake in western Idaho.

A few years ago, Elder Kikuchi was assigned to reorganize the Carey Idaho Stake. He learned that the area encompassing the stake had been plagued by drought, threatening the livelihood of many local farmers. The implications of the drought weighed heavily on his mind as he presided at the stake conference.

Elder Kikuchi said he felt a strong impression that day to direct the stake members pay an honest tithe, pray faithfully, study the scriptures, observe the Sabbath, attend the temple often, follow their Church leaders and hold a stakewide fast to invoke heaven's blessings.

"For the next couple of days, following the stake conference, many members planted their crops, with complete faith, even though there was no forecast of rain," Elder Kikuchi said.

A stake fast was held and many local leaders and members attended the Boise Idaho Temple together. As they worshipped inside the temple, rain began to fall on the entire area despite forecasts of dry weather. The moisture continued and the local reservoirs began to fill. Through the rest of the growing season, members of the Carey stake increased their faith by fasting a few more times, paying an honest tithe and attending the temple.

"The Lord heard and answered their prayers," Elder Kikuchi said. "Frost came late that year, so the farmers were able to harvest grain, sugar beets, alfalfa, potatoes and other crops. From that day, and each year since, they have offered their thanksgiving prayers."

Blessings await all who pay an honest tithe, he added.

"Paying tithing, willingly, develops an honest and pure heart. The Lord blesses us with a fruitful life. Paying tithing increases our love for the Lord."