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New lease for ZCMI chandelier

For those wondering where the glass chandelier that hung in the former ZCMI downtown store will wind up, all over town is the answer.

Macy's, the new owner of the store, has donated 1,500 pieces from the dismantled chandelier to charitable organizations, including the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and others. The chandelier was created exclusively in 1975 for the new ZCMI store. Macy's bought the ZCMI stores several years ago.

The downtown ZCMI Center is being leveled as part of the City Creek Development Project expected to take four years. Macy's will open a new store in the project.

Many of the receiving organizations are incorporating the square and rectangular chandelier pieces into event fund-raisers. The American Heart Association will auction off pieces at its upcoming black-tie gala event June 9.

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers will put some pieces on display in its museum and sell others at its gift counter.