WEST VALLEY CITY — Two police officers who saved a woman from her burning house were presented with one of law enforcement's highest awards Monday.

On the morning of Dec. 8, 2005, a fire was reported at a house near 1900 West and 3400 South. West Valley police officers Chad Ziegenhorn and Darrell Dain were nearby and arrived at the house before firefighters.

They found heavy smoke pouring from the front door and were told by others that an elderly woman was still inside. The officers risked their own lives by entering the home. They found the woman, whose jacket was on fire.

The woman's face was burned and her hair singed, according to police.

"If not for the immediate and heroic actions of these officers, this citizen may have perished in the fire," said a statement from the West Valley City Police Department.

Monday, the two officers were awarded with the Medal of Honor during the department's annual awards banquet. The department realized the officers had been mistakenly overlooked during the 2006 awards ceremony, which is why the award was given to them this year.

Chad wasn't the only Ziegenhorn who received an award Monday. Holly Ziegenhorn, Todd Gray, Kent Stokes and Sgt. John Pearce were all awarded the Police Star for their roles in catching three home-invasion suspects, who led them on a chase on June 15, 2006.

Stuart Palmer was awarded a Police Star for a separate incident in which he was able to subdue a suicidal man, who lunged at him with a knife, without having to use deadly force.

Other awards included Detective of the Year, presented to David Greco, who helped with the investigation of Michael John Bowden.

Bowden was eventually charged in 3rd District Court with abuse after his then-girlfriend's daughter, Jade Ferrando, now 6, was found weighing just 12 pounds. Bowden was supposed to be taking care of the girl while her mother, Anahi Ferrando, was serving in Iraq.

Greco also successfully investigated allegations that Bowden drained Ferrando's bank account while she was gone.

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