CASCADE, Idaho (AP) — A light plane flown by a California man stalled and then crashed in a rugged Idaho box canyon, killing the pilot and slightly injuring his wife, the Valley County sheriff's office said Monday.

Berkeley Snow, 55, of Laytonville, Calif., was pronounced dead at the crash site. His wife, Suzanne Beers, was airlifted to a hospital in McCall with minor injuries.

They had left the Johnson Creek airstrip near McCall last Thursday in their Cessna 172 for a day of sightseeing at other wilderness airports that dot the region's U.S. Forest Service territory. They had intended to return the same day.

Sheriff Patti Bolen was notified on Saturday that they hadn't returned, according to a news release.

The wreckage of the couple's 1958 Cessna was located late Sunday afternoon about seven miles northwest of Johnson Creek Airstrip, near a mountain called Crater Peak.

According to Beers, they were trying to find another airstrip but followed the wrong river drainage, winding up in a box canyon. The plane then stalled and crashed, she told rescuers.