I've been pleased, appalled and motivated by recent "Forum" letters regarding speeding on Utah's highways.

I was pleased by David Timmins' cogent argument for the use of "robocops" in reducing speed and hence major accidents. (Readers' Forum, June 11.)

I found Shane Stone's assertion that Americans "value their liberty over 'life and limb"' puzzling. Does he mean we'd prefer to speed, even if it means increasing the risk of major accidents? (Readers' Forum, June 12.)

I am motivated by Sterling Provost, a retired UHP colonel, who supports the robocop concept and concludes: "What can we do to reverse this liberal direction?" He refers to the tendency to let those who prefer the notion of "freedom without accountability" to determine which laws we can ignore with impunity. (Readers' Forum, June 14.)

As an answer I propose that all of those who are responsible for enforcing traffic laws muster up the guts to strictly and universally enforce posted speed limits in Utah.

Belden Durtschi

Pleasant Grove