POCATELLO, Idaho — Firefighters resuscitated four cats and an albino rat from a charred apartment in this southeastern Idaho city.

The animals received oxygen after the Monday blaze through a special mask designed for small animals. The Pocatello Fire Department bought it two years ago.

Fire officials say electrical failure likely caused the fire, which resulted in at least $10,000 in damage. No people were injured.

Firefighter Kirby Jonas, who whisked the rat to safety, said he was astonished anything survived the flames that engulfed the apartment. He found the rat huddled in blackened bedding.

"If I were betting money, I would have put down $10,000 that anything in that cage was dead," Jonas said Monday, adding that before he exited the apartment, he did notice something on a wall in the room: a poster of an albino rat with a halo over its head.

One cat didn't survive the blaze.