SANDY — After a visit by Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan, Lone Peak skate park was shut down Monday night.

The mayor of the south valley city observed skaters at the park smoking, threatening and pushing each other and using offensive language — all violations of the posted rules.

He was prompted to visit the park at 10140 S. 700 East in response to residents' complaints, and he said it will not reopen until additional supervision is available at the site.

"I didn't like what was going on," he said. "So we closed it down until there's some discipline and supervision."

Dolan stressed that the skate park needs to be a safe place for other participants, including elementary school-age children who come to the park with their parents.

He wants more supervision, such as a police officer patrolling the park.

Nancy Shay, director of Sandy's Parks and Recreation Department, said she met Wednesday with the mayor, police chief and members of the police department to discuss how to get rid of the "rough elements" of the park "so the rest of the good kids can enjoy skating." A final decision on proper surveillance and a reopening date, however, will not be made until today.

"We want to make this a family-friendly skate park again," Shay said.

Currently, a sign is posted at the park saying the park is closed due to the rule infractions of profanity, smoking, "reckless and boisterous behavior," trespassing during closed hours and "disrespectful acts to others using the facility and other park patrons."