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May 29, 1998 — Cortez police officer Dale Claxton is gunned down when he stops a stolen truck. One of the passengers jumps out of the truck and opens fire 29 times on Claxton with a modified fully automatic SKS. Two minutes later and a mile away, two Montezuma County sheriff's deputies are shot while trying to stop the men. Jason Bishop is grazed in the head, and Todd Martin is shot in the left arm and right knee. The gunmen are identified as Alan "Monte" Pilon, Jason Wayne McVean and Robert Mason.

June 4, 1998 — Robert Mason shoots and wounds a San Juan County sheriff's deputy, Kelly Bradford, and later is found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot in a makeshift bunker in the Four Corners area. He is surrounded by pipe bombs.

June 10, 1998 — Beverly Pilon publicly pleads for her son to surrender, promising if the fugitives surrender they will not be harmed.<

July 1, 1998 — Girl spots fugitives trying to steal a 1,500-gallon water truck in Montezuma Creek, a Navajo reservation community.

July 14, 1998 — FBI adds $150,000 per suspect to the reward money, raising the total to nearly $600,000.

August 1998 — Navajo representatives come to Salt Lake City to seek help in meeting the $700,000 bill amassed in the manhunt, which by then was estimated to reach $2 million. More than 50 law enforcement agencies are involved. The trail has grown cold.

Jan. 25, 1999 — Authorities renew the search for the two remaining fugitives in the slaying after recently discovering boot prints similar to those tracked by Navajo Nation police last summer.

Oct. 31, 1999 — The body of Alan Pilon is found in Squaw Canyon by a pair of Navajo hunters.

June 5, 2007 — The apparent remains of Jason McVean are discovered by a cowboy in Cross Canyon 2.5 miles from the site where Pilon's remains were found.