The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has determined a "Finding of

No Significant Impact" for the final Environmental Assessment of the Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources proposed project titled "6-Mile Unit of the Southwest Manti Wildlife Management Area Land Disposal."

The proposal is a federal aid in wildlife restoration project administered jointly by the DWR and the USFWS.

In 1985, the DWR purchased 88 acres of the 6-Mile Unit for the purpose of providing habitat for big game during the winter months. The management area contains over 7,000 acres of winter range habitat for mule deer. The acquisition was partially funded by the Wildlife Restoration Act.

In 2006, the Sanpete County Commission approached the DWR about purchasing a 12-acre parcel within the management area for the purpose of constructing a county office complex and jail.

The county explored several construction site options but found none to meet its needs as well as the DWR parcel.

The division has determined the 12-acre parcel no longer serves the purpose for which it was acquired because of steadily increasing human disturbances that are diminishing the wildlife values on the property. The DWR determined that it would be willing to sell the parcel to Sanpete County.

The proposed land disposal would involve Sanpete County purchasing the 12 acres for $36,500. The purchase price is based on the fair market value established by federal appraisal guidelines. The income generated from the sale would be credited back to the DWR's wildlife grant account to be reinvested in other projects under the Wildlife Restoration Act grant program.

Copies of the final Environmental Assessment, which include details of the division's proposed action, alternative actions and decisions to be made by the service, are available online by clicking on the title of the document at Those without Internet access may request copies by calling the Division of Federal Assistance at 303-236-5420.