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Can BYU song be used now?

SHARE Can BYU song be used now?

The news items about Brigham Young University's Cougar fight song brought to mind an interview I had around 50 years ago with Clyde Sandgren when I was working for the BYU news bureau.

He told me he had written a victory song for BYU to be sung at the end of winning games. "It'll raise you right out of your seat," he said. I asked why he hadn't gotten it to BYU, and he said he had written a pep song for Provo High (I believe) and others, and he didn't want people to think he was overdoing things.

The song started something like, "Raise the shout of victory!" I wonder if Dee Sandgren has it and if it might now be used.

Virginia Havens

Salt Lake City