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Pressure Comcast and MWC

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Here it is nearly August and still no TV deal. Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson says we should have patience. For how long, one or two more years? I don't think so. He also said that the fans could help by calling the satellite companies and requesting The mtn. Just what does he think we have been doing since last August, twiddling our thumbs?

This has not worked for the obvious reason that satellite companies are not the problem. The problem is Comcast and the MWC and has been from the beginning. They are the ones we should be pressuring.

BYU and Utah fans should unite together and boycott Comcast until they make a legitimate deal to the satellite companies. Let us make Comcast get the message that we will not tolerate any more of their monopoly crap like they did with the Utah Jazz two to three years ago. We should also inundate the MWC commissioner's office with mail until they force Comcast into making a deal.

Bruce Harmon