PROVO — Is your family or business prepared for possible disasters, either natural or man-made? The Mountain Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross can help you prepare for, respond to and recover from when those disasters strike.

Preparedness information on earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, floods, food and water storage and other emergency topics can be downloaded at Printed information is also available in limited quantities from the chapter office, 865 N. Freedom Blvd., or call 801-373-8580.

In the event of an emergency every family should have enough food, water, clothing and other emergency items to last three to seven days. They should also be trained to provide care for minor medical emergencies.

The Mountain Valley Chapter also offers classes on CPR and first aid to the community for a small fee. Business leaders are encouraged to form emergency response teams and have members of their staff trained in these lifesaving skills. The American Red Cross partners with OSHA for many safety programs.

For more information on discounted training, or on the business options available, contact Ed Hall, health and safety services director, at