In response to Craig Crippen (Readers' Forum, Aug. 24), I wish to enlighten him on the consequences of the proposed Animal Torture Act, or Henry's Bill. Mr. Crippen erroneously states that the bill would "make killing of mice, rats, gophers, snakes, etc., a felony." This would only be the case if such animals are tortured in an effort to exterminate them. In referring to pornography, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart stated that "he knew it when he saw it." One also would know torture when they see it.

Extremism only creates polarization and nothing can then be accomplished. Common sense should always prevail. Careful prosecutors and judges will see that no unintended consequences will arise. This bill is a common sense piece of legislation that has been enacted in 43 states. Law enforcement has overstepped its bounds in very few cases.

Anne Davis

Salt Lake City