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South Jordan Council keeps Glenmoor area

SHARE South Jordan Council keeps Glenmoor area

SOUTH JORDAN — The South Jordan City Council decided Tuesday night to retain ownership of the Glenmoor Courts area.

The city's parks division had proposed to the Planning Commission last week to vacate the city's ownership of the area and give the property to the surrounding residents.

City Manager Ricky Horst said the Planning Commission found the majority of Glenmoor residents preferred the green courts and wanted the city to retain ownership. Horst said a citizen's committee has been formed to address remaining issues, and residents representing both sides will be on the committee. He said that although the City Council couldn't make everyone 100 percent happy, it could "make everyone more happy."

The council received a memo from city staff about the proposed conditions on Thursday, but the item was put on the agenda for discussion Tuesday night. The council voted to dismiss it from the agenda for a public hearing and the new propositions were adopted.

The new rules for the upper Glenmoor area include a provision that the alleyways be taken care of by the property owners, a community watch program be set up and that any resident who tampers with the city's equipment will be charged with trespassing.