When our loving Heavenly Father created and organized this earth, He established a pattern with respect to the organization of the family that continues today, said Elder Earl C. Tingey of the Presidency of the Seventy at a Church Educational System fireside last Sunday.

The outstanding feature of this pattern and plan is that you may experience eternal joy, said Elder Tingey as he introduced 10 simple truths related to marriage and family.

With encouragement to follow the pattern first established by Adam and Eve, Elder Tingey counseled members of the Church to have faith and to join their faith with works as they strive to find a helpmeet, or spouse; strengthen and create families; and obtain promised blessings from God.

Do not seek perfection in a companion, Elder Tingey said. Instead, seek for a husband or wife who will grow with you to perfection.

Elder Tingey emphasized the importance of acquiring the attributes needed to be a loving father or mother and overcoming Satans influence to delay starting a family.

Have the faith to step forward into this phase of your life knowing that your Heavenly Father will support and sustain you with the unique and special challenges that come with being a parent, Elder Tingey said.

Elder Tingey emphasized that to be not only a parent but also a grandparent and a great-grandparent is one of the enriching blessings that comes to faithful members of the Church.

As the General Authorities watch the Church grow and develop in many countries of the world, one of the most satisfying experiences we have is seeing faithful multigenerational families living where the Church has only been for a few decades, Elder Tingey said.

As members face numerous choices in moving toward strong family organizations, Elder Tingey offers advice as to how they will know their decisions are right.

You will know in the same manner by which the leaders of the Church today receive promptings that lead to the making of many important decisions. You will know by the Spirit, Elder Tingey said. You are entitled to peace and to a spiritual witness that will confirm your feelings.

The 10 simple truths presented by Elder Tingey are as follows:

God has created this earth for habitation and use.

Man should not be alone.

The plan provides that a man and a woman will cleave unto one another as husband and wife.

Agency is essential.

We live by work all the days of our lives.

Husbands and wives are to have children and create a family.

A family continues on, becoming a multigenerational family.

We acknowledge God; we worship Him and offer unto Him our sacrifices.

From those sacrifices come promised blessings.

The fulness of the gospel, including all temple ordinances, is then available to us.— News from the Church