South Ogden police have arrested two people accused of beating two of their children.

Police first learned of the abuse earlier this week when a 13-year-old girl told a friend's mother that she'd been hit. Officers went to the home to investigate.

"We were at the house interrogating the parents about the daughter's allegations. The son was there and we saw obvious injury to his neck," South Ogden Police Officer Marci Edwards said Thursday. "We started talking to him."

The boy told police he'd been hit with a metal vacuum cleaner pipe and a metal hanger.

"He was struck across the neck, back and upper torso," Edwards said. "They were intended to be a form of discipline to the child."

The boy's father had also struck him in the legs with a belt, police said. The girl suffered injuries from being hit with a metal and a plastic spoon and a hanger.

"She was struck across the hands," Edwards said. "She received injuries to her hands because she tried to block them."

Police say the children's father and stepmother hit them as a form of discipline after an argument. There were three other children in the home, who police do not believe had been abused. After the parents were arrested, child welfare workers placed the two victims in state protective custody. The other three children were placed in the care of relatives.

Police said their investigation continues and they plan to question the children again to determine if any more abuse happened in the home.

Andres Reynosa-Ordaz, 32, and Christina Jane Reynosa, 30, were booked into the Weber County Jail on investigation of child abuse, a third-degree felony.