Rejection remembered

Urban Meyer is a great coach — and not a bad politician.

Reached by Deseret News writer Dirk Facer last week, the Florida football coach was effusive in his praise of the Utes.

"It should be an elite program and it is," said the former Utah coach.

Asked about a possible BCS matchup with the Utes, Meyer replied, "Well, we want nothing to do with Utah."

Which seems like a compliment — except for one little problem.

Isn't that the same thing Rony Seikaly and Derek Harper said?

Danger zone

Coming back from injury is hard. Having your recovery delayed by a teammate is harder still.

Mehmet Okur accidentally stepped on Deron Williams' injured foot during the Jazz's Nov. 1 game against the Clippers. Which is an entirely understandable occurrence (Okurence?).

But then Okur hit Williams' foot again two days later, this time with an air ball during warmups.

I don't know about Williams, but if it were me, I'd get a restraining order ...

On the mark

President-elect Barack Obama definitely has game, when it comes to basketball. But as a bowler, not so much.

Obama rolled a 37 through seven frames, during a primaries stop in Pennsylvania. A video of his performance recently showed up on YouTube, prompting PBA regulars Billy Oatman and Norm Duke to assess the damage.

"I saw the clip on YouTube, and I have some tips for Obama," said Duke in a news release. "Obama's been in a suit and tie too long. He needs to get some athletic apparel and a bowling ball that fits his hand. He needs to work on hitting the head pin because he didn't do that very well."

I don't know about that. The guy rolled nothing but strikes last Tuesday.

Experience wanted

Ken Mink scored two points on free throws last week for Roane State Community College.

That's not news. But the fact he's 73 certainly is.

Mink was expelled 52 years ago from the Lees (Ky.) College squad after someone (he denies it was he) soaped the coach's office. But he still had some eligibility.

Which illustrates my point.

I've been saying all along the Jazz should re-sign Walt Bellamy (age 69) for some inside help.

A mighty wind

Weber State football coach Ron McBride got a scare Saturday at Idaho State when he experienced shortness of breath and light-headedness.

He was taken to a Pocatello hospital and kept overnight for observation.

WSU defensive coordinator Kevin Clune told the Tribune's Martin Renzhofer that McBride "was chewing someone out and got out of breath."

I know exactly how he feels. I have a teenager.