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Arizona Gov. Napolitano is parodied on ‘SNL’

SHARE Arizona Gov. Napolitano is parodied on ‘SNL’

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano has hit a milestone in any politician's career — she was parodied on "Saturday Night Live."

The brief impersonation by cast member Kristen Wiig came during host Paul Rudd's opening monologue.

Rudd discussed the show's popular political impersonations and assured the audience there were plenty of good impressions left to do.

That included Napolitano, a Democrat mentioned as a possible attorney general in Barack Obama's administration.

Wiig then came out donning Napolitano's hairstyle — short and black with a gray spot in the front. She walked offstage awkwardly after giving an oversimplified answer on how she would secure the U.S.-Mexico border.