You know a video is special if your kids are running around the house singing songs from the show after watching it only once. The first Scripture Bugs DVD, "We're All Important: The Story of Moses and Aaron," captures a lesson from the scriptures that is often glossed over — Moses' feelings of inadequacy that came from being "slow in speech." If you are familiar with "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (and if you aren't, there are probably 45 versions on stage right now in Utah alone) and if you liked that quirky but heartfelt imaginary retelling of a scripture story, you probably already have discovered the fantastic Liken the Scriptures series of DVDs that retell scripture stories from a child's point of view.Scripture Bugs is in the same category, and is a creation of Liken the Scriptures director and composer Aaron Edson, but with a touch of Veggie Tales 3D computer animation — except the vegetables are bugs, have arms and legs, and are a little less smart alec. This first episode of Scripture Bugs centers on Noah, an 8-year-old boy who, in his loneliness, imagines adventures with bugs in the back yard. Unfortunately, he imagines that a few bugs are rude to him and he discovers he isn't good at football and should take up, maybe, keeping bees instead.His dad tells him the story of Moses, focusing on Moses' speech impediment and how God still was able to use him as a prophet because so many other people were able to help him succeed. Along the way we enjoy songs sung by the likes of David Osmond and Jericho Road.The show is fun and engaging for both children and adults. For the children, it will be a fun story of a boy who has lost his confidence and then regains it — and his standing among his imaginary bug friends. They also will enjoy the bugs' retelling of the story of Moses.There are multiple layers of parody for the adults, especially the entertainment and sports culture. It is laugh-out-loud funny.Parents should be aware, however, of at least two things in the video. First is that the real story of Moses is not a pretty tale. Moses is put in the river because Pharaoh was killing baby boys. The dad explains this matter-of-fact to his son Noah, who responds, "Wow! This guy has issues." Second is Moses' killing of the Egyptian. The DVD's portrayal is not clear at all and you will probably have to explain what is going on to your children. Nothing violent is shown, but the aftermath of the confrontation has the dead and buried Egyptian's goofy bug foot sticking out of the sand. My 5-year-old didn't notice but my 7-year-old did.Like other videos or movies about the scriptures, it would be useful to discuss the real scripture story with your child after watching this. This will necessitate that you actually look at the scriptures yourself. Comparing this video to the movie "The Ten Commandments" or "Prince of Egypt" doesn't count.After watching this show my kids sang the video's signature "I'm a Child of God" song with gusto for about a month. Other songs, which are also fun and advance the story line, were not sung. This is a good thing — after all, who wants their kid going around singing Noah's self-pity song where he mournfully intones, "Maybe I just wasn't born to win"?All in all, this is an outstanding video for children and is even enjoyable for parents (if "Barney" is zero on the scale of parent watchability, this video is an eight). I'm not sure exactly how this silly little video pulled it off, but it is inspiring and makes you feel better about life.Scripture Bugs' perky bug characters and its quirky humor will delight viewers and leave them, like me, anxiously awaiting the next episode.

A kid's viewBy Kate De Groote, age 7Let me tell you about Scripture Bugs. Scripture Bugs is about a boy named Noah. It takes place in Hawaii where he doesn't have any friends except his imaginary friend bugs. The bugs, with him, are on a football team. Noah shrank to the bugs' size. He felt down because a bug said something mean, so his dad tells him the story of Moses. I especially liked the story of Moses because I like how it has bugs and the funny singing group. I liked how his beard kept growing when he was little — it was funny. And you will have to find out the rest by watching it. There's a lot of songs. I think my favorite one is "I'm a Child of God." It goes, "I'm a child of God, I'm one of his people, And for all my life, I'll stand up against evil." You see, it's not the same as the other version "I am a child of God, And he has sent me here." I would recommend this movie for your family.

Another kid's viewBy Ellie De Groote, age 5Good! It was good. I liked the part where the boy thinks that he is not good at football. And I liked the part where they sing all the songs. I liked the story of Moses. It was cool when Moses put out his right arm to open the sea up and then put it out again to close the sea up. I like how Noah got a good plan in the end of the story — how they got the plan where they change directions. I like this story.