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Bountiful recycling starts in December

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BOUNTIFUL — The big blue cans have almost all been delivered and residents have begun filling them in anticipation of the first curbside recycling pickup in Bountiful.

Since early November, Waste Management, which was selected to provide biweekly recycling services, has been delivering the cans.

Bountiful city manager Tom Hardy said pickups will begin during the first week of December.

The Bountiful City Council voted in July to create a mandatory curbside recycling program that costs residents $3.05 a month.

Waste Management also currently provides garbage pickup for the city.

Hardy said the Bountiful Landfill is currently expected to function for 80 years, but the addition of the recycling program is expected to extend the landfill's life by approximately 20 years.

Mandatory recycling programs can remove up to 20 percent of waste that normally goes into a landfill.

"We're hoping to see significant reductions," Hardy said.

Currently, the Bountiful Landfill accepts green waste, such as grass clippings and yard waste, which is composted and sold to the public.

"We've sold out of it every year," Hardy said.

With the new blue cans, Bountiful residents received a list of instructions about what material can be recycled. The information will also be included in the city's coming newsletter.

Here's another rundown, as well: shredded paper (bagged), newsprint, office paper, magazines, telephone and paper books, wrapping paper, plastic bottles, soda and water bottles, plastic jugs, milk and water jugs, food and condiment bottles, laundry bottles, plastic grocery bags (bagged,) aluminum and tin cans, plates and pans, aerosol cans (empty), cookware (pots and pans), cardboard (flattened) and paperboard.

Unacceptable items include glass of any kind, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, blankets, towels, pillows, clothing, shoes, china and ceramics, plastic toys, printer and toner cartridges, auto parts, used oil or household hazardous waste, food, food-soiled waste (pizza boxes, paper plates, napkins), styrofoam, bubble wrap, diapers and green waste.

Bountiful residents who haven't received a blue recycling can may call (801) 298-6175 to schedule a can dropoff.

The Bountiful Landfill has been open since the 1950s and was used by other cities in southern Davis County, but became solely owned by Bountiful in 1987 when the other 14 cities in Davis County created the Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District and built an incinerator in Layton.

Most cities in Salt Lake County have curbside recycling programs. But Davis County is just catching on this year.

Woods Cross began a curbside program early this year. Centerville is expected to begin a citywide program in spring 2009 and West Bountiful is studying the issue, while Clinton and North Salt Lake recently have had the option on recent city council agendas.

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