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Some evils just too big

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I was grossly disappointed in the Deseret News editorial (Nov. 25) to find the writer had fallen for the mind-twisting mantra of the day: "Some evils are too huge to be allowed to fail!"

After listing some of the damages that Federal Reserve Bank president Timothy Geithner has recently inflicted upon our country, the editor of "In our Opinion" boldly asserts: "But these things may, in a strange way, argue in favor of his appointment. Having been a part of the process and having played a role in the response to the current crisis, he is a much better choice than would be someone completely new to the situation."

A change for the better is somehow a choice to be avoided! We are being led to believe that some crimes are too horrendous to be criticized; and some criminals are too evil to be punished.

Byron Gibbs

Salt Lake City