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State rebuilds Springville creek bed for June sucker

SHARE State rebuilds Springville creek bed for June sucker

SPRINGVILLE — Utah is moving one city's creek back to its original meander to help out the June sucker, a fish that lives nowhere else except Utah Lake and its tributaries.

The state bought 21 acres of cattle pasture along the creek in Springville and turned it from a hardened channel into a wandering creek.

The land on both sides of the creek was lowered by three feet. Workers added rock shoals, shrubs, trees and even tree roots along and in the middle of the restored creek.

Within a week, Hobble Creek wil\l be allowed to flood its historic water course. The old agricultural ditch will be filled in and abandoned.

The goal was to create a second place beside Provo River Bay where June sucker can spawn, find shelter and fingerlings can grow. It's one of the legal requirements for the June sucker's recovery.