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Hate comes in many forms

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Once again, Boyd Petrie has graced the letters to the editor with an enlightened denunciation of a different view (Readers' Forum, Nov. 6). Yes, Mr. Petrie, Carol Warnick was serious. And she was right. The video depicting two LDS missionaries invading the home of a same-sex couple, confiscating their rings and tearing up their marriage certificate, was not an appeal to reason. It was biased and hateful.

I am tired of people who take the position that anyone who disagrees with them is ignorant, prejudiced, bigoted, racist — pick your pejorative adjective. Such attitudes are not limited to the liberal left. I know someone who is very conservative who believes only intelligent people who are adequately informed should be allowed to vote. Of course, she believes that any intelligent person who is adequately informed would see things exactly as she does.

R. Spencer Robinson