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Incorrect property tax charged to some in Davis County

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FARMINGTON — Some residents in Clearfield and West Point were charged the incorrect amount on property taxes this year due to a clerical error.

After the board of the North Davis Fire District decreased the property tax rate twice this year, one of the changes wasn't reflected on the tax bills of 10,060 properties, said Davis County Treasurer Mark Altom.

But for 330 properties, the difference was $5 or more. The highest difference was about $800, but the majority were below $10.

During Tuesday's meeting of the Davis County Board of Commissioners, Altom and Davis County Clerk/Auditor Steve Rawlings apologized for the error and promised to make taxpayers whole.

Altom said the error was discovered Monday when Clearfield and West Point residents began to ask why their tax bills, which are due Dec. 1, weren't adding up.

Corrected notices will be sent to the 330 residents. The rest of the properties will receive a postcard with the corrected amount due. And if those taxes have already been paid, Altom said, the county will credit the overage toward next year's tax bill.

"We'll make everybody whole one way or the other," said Commissioner Bret Millburn.

Joseph M. Dougherty