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MormonTimes.com: LDS artist paints deity with reverence

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PROVO — LDS artist Brian Kershisnik approaches painting deity with caution and a reverence for his responsibility, he told an audience Friday at a Brigham Young University Museum of Art symposium.

The keynote speaker at the Biennial Art, Belief, Meaning Symposium, "Picturing the Divine," Kershisnik said he often questions whether he should paint a picture of God before he begins. The pictorial realm depicting deity is tainted with "unholy" representations, he said in an address sprinkled with humor.

The symposium was presented for the seventh time in the past 10 years. It included a plethora of LDS artists discussing their interpretation of art in their faith. Presentations were also by scholars, art professionals and BYU students discussing visual arts, literature and film.

Some art is better off not done, except for childrens' depictions of God, which, in their limited scope are the most honest.

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