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Institutional warfare

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There are indeed wars being waged on traditional institutions in this country. The true insurgency, contrary to popular belief, is on the inside. Marriage is in major trouble, but the prospect of same-sex couples gaining legal recognition is not to blame. The real saboteurs are straight couples (or gays desperately trying to be straight) who marry in haste and betray one another at leisure. You can look to them for an explanation of the divorce rate.

Likewise, Christmas has been eviscerated, but not by plotting secularists intent on oppressing the Christian majority. The responsible parties are Christians themselves, giving in to the kind of blind material worship that stampeded a Wal-Mart employee to death on Black Friday. Ask the parents who have conditioned their 11-year-old to love only consumer goods. Ask them what has happened to the meaning of Christmas.

These two rituals have one thing in common: Our culture has discovered how profitable they are. Sanctity cannot be legislated or sold to the masses.

Erin Saunders

Salt Lake City