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Scott’s ‘Fate’ enchants

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Last week I was honored to play percussion for a holiday concert with my youngest daughter's school orchestra.

They have a great music director, Laura Brown, and she tries to mix things up a bit. Plus, it's the only time my drum set is played in public.

During a couple of tunes, namely "Polar Express Medley" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," I was able to use my wire brushes. Since I'm mainly a rock drummer, I don't get to use wire brushes often.

I love the sound brushes give when I slide them across the snare. And I love the "tchak, tchak" sound they make when I tap them on my drums. And nothing can compare to the sublime "ching, ching" they emit when I touch the cymbals.

While I can use those brushes, I don't consider myself an expert. And there's nothing like hearing an expert play — like Victor Lewis.

Lewis, who can be heard on Andy Scott's acoustic jazz album "Don't Tempt Fate," highlights those crafty songs with his wire-brush and drumstick finesse.

However, Scott's songwriting and ensemble, which includes bassist Noriko Ueda, keyboardist Sam Yahel, classical guitarist Ben Butler, electric guitarist Jon Herington, acoustic guitarist Ross Traut and vocalist/ukelelist Madeleine Peyroux, all work together to make this charming CD come to life.

The vocal banter between Peyroux and Scott on the title track draws in the listener and primes the ears for "Lover's Apology."

Scott's acoustic guitar and electric piano are nicely toned as he continues through the laid-back sounds of "Rainy Day," "Get It While You Can" and "Fishin'."

Lewis picks up some sticks for the title track and the dynamic "Lost But Not Forgotten," "Lost in the World" and "Out of Blue." Scott also enchants with the drumless but touching "Who Doesn't Call" and "Learning to Fly."

This cozy little CD was released earlier this week on iTunes and is a nice break from the barrage of holiday music that seems to come at us from every corner of the universe these days.

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