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Other milestones of inaugurations

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Other inaugural curiosities, as listed by the Architect of the Capitol:

1801: Thomas Jefferson, first president inaugurated at the Capitol in Washington.

1825: John Quincy Adams, first president sworn in wearing long pants.

1841: William Henry Harrison, longest inaugural address, 10,000 words delivered in freezing rain. Died 31 days later of pneumonia.

1853: Franklin Pierce, affirmed — rather than swore — the oath.

1865: Abraham Lincoln, first time blacks participated in the inaugural parade.

1881: James Garfield, first time a president's mom attended the ceremony.

1937: Franklin D. Roosevelt, first president sworn in on Jan. 20. Constitutional amendment had moved the date from March 4.

1949: Harry Truman, first televised inauguration.

1961: John F. Kennedy, first time both parents of president were present at inauguration. Also, last president to wear stovepipe hat at ceremony.