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Lawsuit filed over breast reduction

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A woman is suing her doctor following a 2006 breast reduction surgery.

According to a civil suit filed Tuesday in 3rd District Court, Amanda Wing had been consulting with a doctor, Leland R. Chick, about undergoing breast reductive surgery to alleviate chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, which had been attributed to her large breasts.

During consultation, Chick said he could probably remove one and a half pounds of tissue from each breast to make her bust a size B or C, the lawsuit states. Chick also told Wing he observed her right breast was slightly larger than her left breast.

"Chick discussed with Wing ... that, during the operation, he could attempt to even out her breasts," the lawsuit states.

Wing went under the knife Dec. 20, 2006, and, when the swelling subsided, she realized Chick trimmed down the wrong breast, the lawsuit states.

"Wing's breasts are now drastically different in size and shape," the lawsuit states.

Wing confronted Chick about the surgery, and Chick reportedly admitted he performed the surgery incorrectly and "inadvertently removed more tissue from the wrong breast," the lawsuit states.

Wing has suffered as a result of the surgery, having to wear a gel prosthesis so the disparity is less noticeable.

"Wing also observed that she could not find clothing or undergarments that did not call attention to her lopsided breasts," the lawsuit states.

Wing says she needs to go under the knife to correct the size and weight disparity, the lawsuit states, and now she's suing Chick to recover an amount of damages that are reasonable to the circumstances.

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