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Hints from Heloise: Store all Christmas items in the same place

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Dear Heloise: Each year when I'm cleaning out the Christmas decorations and storing them, I pack my Christmas gift-wrapping paper and ribbon in the same storage area.

Then I go through the Christmas cards and tear off the fronts to donate to organizations that use them, and keep all of the letters, notes and photos. These I store with new cards (which I've bought at after-Christmas sales) and my mailing list. I reread the notes next year before writing my own.

I box my holiday jewelry (well-marked) and store it with these cards. Then as soon as I get the urge to start with my notes next year, the jewelry is right there. — Barbara Fenley, via e-mail

Dear Heloise: In a previous column, you suggested using a lip pencil (so messy and expensive) to write a message on a mirror.

Why do that when a dry-erase marker is available? They come in various colors (if you so need for different family members), are very easy to wipe off, and you can be creative. — Lynda Woodstra, Diamond Bar, Calif.

Dear Heloise: I gave large baby dolls to my nieces. What fun is a doll without a wardrobe? When I went to price the doll clothes, WHOA! — they were expensive!

Now I head for the clearance rack in the baby department and can find "preemie" clothes for $2-$3 that are better made and cheaper, and I am able to get more!

— Elaine in Salt Lake City

Dear Heloise: Perfume ads in magazines with the sample fragrance make wonderful drawer and closet fresheners. I tear them out, cut off excess paper, open and put in clothes drawers and linen closets, or hang over the edge of wastebaskets.

— Richard in Honolulu

Dear Heloise: When buying ice cream in half-gallon paper cartons, to retain freshness I simply put it in a plastic bread wrapper after opening. This also helps to maintain freshness before the carton is opened.— Norman Schutt, Port Charlotte, Fla.

Dear Heloise: Here is a way to use all those little bottles that hold shampoo, etc., from hotels and motels. We always collect them, right? In the sewing room, use them for snaps, hook and eyes, etc. — all those small items that need to be separate and visible. In a purse, use one for your favorite lotion. The screw-on lids keep everything secure.— Sheila in Virginia

These make good organizers for crafts as well. Glue a bead, sequin, glitter, etc., on the top so you will know at a glance what's in the container.

In the garage, the clear ones are good for tiny finishing nails or other small pieces of hardware. — Heloise

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