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Utah State football: Q-and-A with Gary Andersen

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Question: Will you help coach the Utes in the Bowl Championship Series?

Answer: "We'll just have to see. I want to do, obviously, what's best. I don't want to shortchange either school. That's for sure. We'll put an emphasis on getting a staff hired at Utah State with an emphasis on taking care of the players that are there. If I have an opportunity to take that and coach in a bowl game then I'd love to do that. Kyle (Whittingham) and I are going to talk about that tomorrow."

Question: Would you like to try and assist both teams until the bowl game?

Answer:"Yes I would. I think it's good for both schools. I think I can help Utah and I think it would be good for the Aggies, too. So if it's right then I'd love to be able to do both. Again, I've got to sit down and talk with Kyle."

Question:Is it tough to leave the Utes?

Answer: "It's always very, very difficult to leave a school. I love the kids where I'm at. I consider myself a player's coach and I consider my job, wherever I coach, to be very close to their lives. To turn around and leave is hard. There is absolutely no question. But on the other hand I think that they all understand."

Question:Did you attempt to call and/or text Utah players after officially accepting the USU job Wednesday night?

Answer: "I tried to talk to as many of them as I possibly could in a very, very short period of time. I did not get to talk to all of them. I hope to see the rest tomorrow."

Question: How did the Utes react?

Answer: "I think they understand the situation. I wanted to be a head coach one day. They all knew that. That was no surprise and they all knew that Utah State was a great opportunity for me if I was fortunate enough to get the job. And it's a great opportunity for me to now go and have relationships with a whole new group of kids. I'm looking forward to it."

Question:Why make the move now?

Answer:"I truly believe this is a fantastic opportunity and it's time. It's time for me to get to Utah State. It's a school that just fits me perfect."

Question:What are your thoughts on next year's Utah-USU game at Rice-Eccles Stadium?

Answer:"That's going to be a fun day. It's going to be a fun day for all of us. We'll walk in there with the Aggies and we'll play our fannies off. I'll tell you that much. It'll be a little different situation to be on the other sideline. That's for sure."

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