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BYU-Idaho encourages students to filter Internet

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REXBURG, Idaho — Brigham Young University-Idaho uses stringent web filtering on campus; however, many noncampus networks do not have this protection provided.Because we are all susceptible to temptation, BYU-Idaho is encouraging students and employees to install some form of Web filtering on their personal laptop and desktop computers. However, installing a Web filter is not required."Pornography is a $57 billion-a-year industry. In comparison, the combined revenue of all the teams in the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL is $12 billion, and the combined revenue of ABC, CBS and NBC is a mere $6.2 billion," according to the K9 Web Protection Web site."This is more of a preventive medicine, if you will," Kirk Rawlins in BYU-Idaho University Communications said. "Web filtering is there so students and employees don't find themselves in a spot where they don't want to be. Pornography is very addictive."After research and testing of various filtering products, LDS Church-owned BYU-Idaho recommends K9 Web Protection, a product by Blue Coat. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints uses a corporate version of this software for its employees in Salt Lake City. This product is available at no cost for personal use and can be downloaded for free. K9 Web Protection doesn't just protect its users against pornography and adult/mature content. Users also can configure the Web protection to block or allow Web sites that hold information about different subjects, including abortion, gambling, personals/dating, auctions and download software. Besides these five subjects there are 55 other categories that K9 can protect users from.This product will not protect against spam and viruses. K9 is only designed to filter Web pages with objectionable content, such as pornography or adult/mature content.

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