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Buttars worst? No way!

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The Old Testament prophet, Isaiah, gave a warning to people of our day," Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good; that put darkness for light and light for darkness."

Are you kidding me that the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD is a person who wants to hear Merry Christmas? Does MSNBC have such a liberal mindset that this is the worst thing in the world that is going on?

I have watched the morality of our country diminish for years and years; then just as I would see a spark of some moral fiber in people, BAM! Within seconds it would be gone.

I wonder how terrorist victims feel knowing that what they have gone through is nothing compared to what we poor. Murmuring and whining Americans have to endure. The WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD is living among us!

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake