Parole has been granted for a convicted murderer whose crime became a rallying cry for a crackdown on gangs in Utah.

The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole announced Monday that Anthony Martin Archuleta, 30, will be paroled from the Utah State Prison in 2013.

At age 16, Archuleta shot and killed Roland "Bo" Zahorka outside a South Salt Lake gas station. Zahorka, 38, wanted to use a pay phone near 300 East and 3900 South. He pulled his car too close to Archuleta's, angering the 16-year-old gang member. The two got into a shoving match, and Zahorka was shot in the chest.

Archuleta was certified as an adult and sentenced to up to life in prison. Zahorka's death prompted several marches and protests against gang violence. It also led to the adoption of several anti-gang laws.

At his parole hearing Feb. 12, Archuleta said his "childish behavior" put him in prison, where he has grown up.

"I'll be 31 next month. I'm not a 16-year-old little boy anymore," he said. "I don't mean to put anything on my age, but at the time, my thoughts then were criminal. The life I was living, the house I was living in, was criminal. Lie to the cops, steal, cheat ... growing up here in this prison I've learned that everything I was taught was wrong."

Archuleta's parole conditions include no associations with gangs, completing substance abuse therapy and transitional services. The parole board also approved him moving to Arizona, where he could live with family members.