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Pure religion: Stable employment

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Shem Omondi and his wife, Edith, had long struggled to find secure employment in Nairobi, Kenya, where jobs are hard to come by. When a neighbor invited Mr. Omondi to attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he could not deny his curiosity the opportunity to learn. His wife, however, declined.

Impressed by what he heard, he began attending Church regularly, where he learned about the Church Employment Resource Center. He began attending both the career and self-employment workshops taught by employment resource missionaries in Nairobi.

After taking the courses, he felt confident he could market his wife's talent for cooking and start their own food marketing business. Although she had always been passionate about cooking, she had never before dreamed she could earn a living as a cook. One evening, a Relief Society sister invited her to attend a homemaking meeting featuring a cooking demonstration. She was touched and inspired by the faith of the Relief Society sisters. She went home that evening and agreed to help her husband begin a food marketing business.

Early the next morning Mr. Omondi went shopping for chicken, flour and vegetables. In their small kitchen, Mrs. Omondi made samosas and mandazis and they sold them that morning outside a nearby office building. The food sold quickly at prices that Mr. Omondi had learned to calculate for marketability. The Omondis hurried home and prepared dishes of rice and chicken for the noonday meal. The meals sold rapidly again. After a few days of selling meals outside the office building, they were offered a contract to provide meals daily at the same prices for 60 office workers.

The Omondis soon had a full-time business. They hired two employees from their ward to assist them and purchased a refrigerator to decrease time spent traveling to the market.

Brother and Sister Omondi have since joined the Church and employ other members from their ward who are in desperate need of work. In doing so, they hope to extend the same fellowship and kindness that introduced them to the true Church and stable employment — Jennifer Williams, Welfare Services