Monday, Mar. 10:— Titus 1:15 reads "Unto the pure all things are pure." This is the subject of a fascinating essay at Mormon Matters on the implications of striving for personal purity.— Temple Study has posted YouTube clips of "Between Heaven and Earth," a documentary on temples released by the LDS Church in 2002. View it here.— I didnt know there were "LDS Chaplains" in the army! Mormon Insights includes a list of requirements to become a chaplain as well as a link to the currently-in-Iraq blog of Chaplain Kline (sort of slow coming up, but worth it).— I enjoy checking the 9th Ward Cartoons each week and couldnt help giggling at "Don't Forget to Report!"— Since blogging is becoming more relevant and prevalent, scholars from various fields are starting to study its causes and effects. If you fit the description of "Are you a Mom? Do you blog?" and have a few minutes to feel out a survey, click on over. Hat-tip to Mormon Mommy Wars for the link.