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Fake burger fun April Fools’ treat

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This fun treat looks like a burger and fries but is a yummy dessert.

This fun treat looks like a burger and fries but is a yummy dessert.

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This April Fools' Day "Burger and Fries" is such a surprise that no one will believe their eyes. Make this whimsical treat that looks like hamburgers and french fries but is actually a dessert. While you're in the spirit of the day, make another favorite April Fools' activity, "Fake Spills." Watch my online video at www.donnasday.com for directions to make your own fake spills. (Click the front door on the homepage to find the "April Fools' Activity" video.)

In the meantime, prepare this "Burger and Fries" recipe for an April 1 caper or for a birthday party any time of year. Kids and adults will love the treat.

For 10 servings, you'll need:

10 clean, small tuna or pineapple cans, greased and with labels removed. (Be sure there are no sharp edges on the cans.)

1 box standard yellow-cake mix

1 standard brownie mix baked to 1-inch thickness on a rimmed cookie sheet

2 tablespoons corn syrup

red and yellow frosting

sesame seeds

2 kiwis, peeled and sliced

sugar-cookie dough (homemade or prepared mix from the refrigerated section of your grocery store)


Prepare and spoon cake batter into cans, filling each can half-full. Bake according to cupcake directions on the box, adding a few minutes to baking time. (Use any extra batter to make cupcakes.) When slightly cool, ease cake out of cans and cool completely. Slice open each "bun"; brush the tops of the "buns" with corn syrup, then sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Use one of the cans as a cookie cutter to cut round "burgers" out of the baked brownies. Set each cutout on the bottom half of the "buns." Drizzle some red and yellow frosting on the brownie to look like ketchup and mustard. Place sliced kiwi alongside to resemble pickles. French fries

Make 1-inch accordion folds on a sheet of heavy aluminum foil and set on a cookie sheet with folds slightly spread apart. Slice and mold cookie dough into 2-inch strips to resemble fries. Set each strip in a groove on the foil. Bake according to recipe directions until golden. Cool slightly on cooling rack , then remove from foil while still warm for best results .

Serve with red frosting "ketchup" on a platter with the "burgers."

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