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School-split changes approved by House

SHARE School-split changes approved by House

A bill aimed at clarifying school district split processes was amended and passed in the House Tuesday, leaving an east-side Jordan District team scratching their heads at best and feeling cheated at worst.

But amendments to SB71 probably won't stand without a fight, especially one that essentially makes it so the value of district assets will be determined in June 2009. Sponsoring Sen. Carlene Walker, R-Cottonwood Heights, said she hopes the Senate will refuse today to accept the changes.

SB71 mostly seeks to define how to value and split assets so both sides, which have sparred on the matter, are treated fairly and equitably. It was altered in recent weeks to require transition teams appointed to divvy assets to do their business in public meetings. Changes made Tuesday let current Jordan Board of Education members serve out their four-year terms when the district splits.