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Camp Williams bill advances to Senate

SHARE Camp Williams bill advances to Senate

A Camp Williams land transfer from the Bureau of Land Management to the state passed the House on Monday.

Introduced by Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, the proposed legislation would allow the Utah National Guard to better control additional areas within Camp Williams boundaries and expand facilities and training.

"The missions and role of the Utah National Guard continue to grow, and we can help them by making sure they have and control the land needed for that growth," Bishop said.

HR3651, co-sponsored by Utah's two other representatives, would transfer ownership of approximately 431 acres of federal land. "The land in question here is already withdrawn by the feds for military use, so all we're doing is transferring it to the state," Bishop said. "This will make expansion and any further upgrades by the Guard a lot easier and less costly."

The bill now advances to the Senate for consideration.