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Clearing some more air

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In an effort to "clear the air of political rhetoric," Carolyn Bennett Ugolini (Readers' Forum, April 9) says that — as a Christian — she loves the sinner (homosexuals) but hates the sin (homosexuality). Two sentences later she is quick to add that such condemning assessments are in fact not meant to "demean anyone." Am I the only one who sees the irony in her understanding of political rhetoric? If Ugolini's goal is to break down the political correctness barrier that restricts so many of us, then do it! While I am grateful for the right to form and share opinions like Ugolini's, I am personally repulsed by her pretentious morality, hateful way of thinking and attempt at political spin. If she feels my assessment is demeaning, then good. It was. How's that for clearing the air?

Daniel Camp