Against my better judgment, I finally checked out "Superhero Movie," the spoof of comic book-related summer hits like the "Spider-Man" films.

When I saw the early trailers for the movie, I thought there were a couple of amusing bits. It turns out those were the best moments in the movie, which is pretty sorry excuse for a cinematic feature. Believe the bad reviews.

It's sad when a comedy is so much worse than the vast majority of films that it's supposedly parodying. And speaking of which, Entertainment Weekly came up with its list of the 20 worst comic book movies.

The magazine's list (which is still available at contains such worthy films as the George Lucas-produced "Howard the Duck" (1986), the Pamela Anderson vehicle "Barb Wire" (1996) and "Catwoman" (2004), as well as "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman" (2003) and "Tank Girl" (1995).

But it also includes a few merely mediocre ones like "The Shadow" (1994) and "The Phantom" (1996), both of which were actually pulps or comic strips, at least initially. And director Wes Craven's goofy "Swamp Thing" (1982) is actually pretty fondly remembered. (Its 1989 sequel, "The Return of Swamp Thing," is terrible, though.)

Being the comics-loving nerd that I am, I need to do a little more research. (There's are 316 movies listed under "based on comic books," according to

The EW list is dominated by recent movies, which suggests that the writers clearly don't remember or haven't seen "Captain America" (1990), "Virus" (1999), "Spawn" (1997) and all of the "Crow" sequels. Naturally, I have and can tell you that they're dreadful.

My own list would also have to include the impossibly smug, Sundance Film Festival section "Art School Confidential" (2006). It was a wretched follow-up to the art-house hit "Ghost World," which came from the same creators. That was certainly one of the biggest comics disappointments.


I've been sharply critical of an online boycott of the Weinstein Company, in particular "Superhero Movie," which it released through its Dimension Films arm. Such things strike me as being ridiculous.

However, you may now officially call me a hypocrite. I have been encouraging everyone I know to sign an online petition to stop the filmmaking career of German hack Uwe Boll, whose video game-to-movies have included "Alone in the Dark," "House of the Dead," "Blood Rayne" and most recently, "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale."

You can check out the petition at

I'd consider it a personal favor if you'd read and possibly sign your names online. I certainly don't want to see either "Donkey Kong: The Movie" or "The Sims: The Movie." Well, at least not if Boll is the one who's making them.